Memory flowers

A long time ago, my mother offered me leftover fabric from a dress she made for me when I was young.  It was meaningful to have because it wasn’t a dress I exactly remembered so it served as physical proof of its existence.  It occupied a similar head space as family photos; the way photographs serve as evidence of places and people in our past.  It represented a memory of dress, made even more meaningful because my mother had sewn it for me.  It was an a-line sleeveless dress that I want to say I loved, but really, I don’t remember.   Many years later, when my mother was suffering from dementia, I returned to the fabric to work on a memory piece.  It was now not only about my memory of the dress but also about my mother losing her memories.  I stitched a black panel to the floral print, covered the original panel so I couldn’t see the floral pattern, and began to embroider the pattern of flowers from memory.  I covered each embroidered flower as I went.  What you see is the result of that process.