I was born in Greece and grew up in Congo, Algeria, France, Morocco and, between my father’s foreign-service assignments, in Maryland.  After college in Massachusetts and graduate school in Texas, I moved back to Maryland, and aside from 3 years in North Carolina, I have lived and worked in Baltimore since 1991.

I have a formal background in painting but now work across mediums. Looking back on the trajectory of my work, I can see that the early pre-occupation I had with creating physical presence in my paintings was a sign of things to come. This desire manifested itself, first, in 2D surfaces and a physical treatment of the paint, and later on, as abstract paintings on constructed semi-three dimensional surfaces: domes, convex, and concave surfaces. The more I worked on building these surfaces, the more I understood that the physical need was less related to painting and more related to an interest in sculpture and materials other than paint.

I stopped painting in 2006 and have been working with objects and mixed materials ever since.  Grabbing hold of something instantly recognizable and physical, and using it outside its normal context, combines familiarity with something more sensory and unknowable.  This space is at the core of my work.